More than anyone else, diminutive Hiromix defined the "Onna no ko no shashinka" (girl photographer) revolution of the early 1990s, which was characterized by disposable cameras and snapshots documenting the everyday lives of teenaged girls who, it appeared, spent a great deal of time in their underwear, pouting. This is one of thirty pages the serious art magazine Studio Voice devoted to Hiromix in their March 1996 issue. Two years later Esquire would pick Hiromix as one of their 50 "best" people in the world. A falling out with the friends who had been her early subjects and her notable absence from the 1999 show Private Room II (which documented the movement she started) are the latest on Hiromix, who still is still publishing photography books all over the world, has now released a J-Pop single "Hello I love You," and recently turned 20.

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