Monday, March 13, 2000:

What happened was this, sort of: About a hundred or more Local Accomplices had these long rolls of *Barrier Tape*, like Crime Scene Tape, but red and white, stashed in their bags etc. and were scattered all around the busiest intersection of all in Shibuya. At a signal, and when the Scramble Lights were on and pedestrians started to cross in all directions, these Dudes and Dudettes ran across and crisscrossed the intersection to da MAX with the plastic tapes, held about four feet off the ground. When the light changed no cars could move and everyone rushed back in because a Clown was up on a platform blowing a whistle and waving flags like a traffic Cop Dude. Another was jumping around waving small vacuum cleaners that were decorated like animals or something. It took the cops about 10 minutes to haul their butts over there from the Police Box about 60 yards away to arrest the Perpetrators. The Police sure looked funny too. But not happy. Well, they took the Perps and threw them in the small Hoosegow at the Police Box till they could call for a Paddy Wagon to haul their sorry asses downtown for the ole Rubber Hose stuffs, but before they could do that a bunch of Japanese College Aged all ran out in the intersection stripped down to their skivvies and screwed the traffic up again. Here comes the Cops again, but no one got arrested this time. This is going to be hard to explain at the Trial I reckon. So, it could have been deliberate. Good fun. A good time was had by everyone except the Authorities.